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Wharton grad and marketing guru with a heart for social impact, helping organizations tell their stories.

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About Me

My greatest passion lies in helping organizations tell their story.

Marketing is my life. I can’t watch a commercial without trying to reverse-engineer the company’s marketing strategy and I insisted that my wedding have a signature font to “create a cohesive brand” (it was Hickory Jack, if you’re wondering).

Born and raised in Wyoming, I attended the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania, where I discovered that I loved marketing: visual design, branding, strategy, all of it.  The intersection of psychology and business caught me from the day I took Marketing 101, and I never looked back.

During my time at Wharton, I also developed a love for nonprofit and mission-driven organizations after working as a tutor for two years with a veterans’ nonprofit. Through hands-on classroom experiences, I worked as a marketing consultant with non-profit and for-profit organizations throughout college.

In 2015, I received my Bachelors in Economics with a focus in Marketing, and have been consulting ever since, working with a variety of mission-driven for-profit and non-profit clients to help them become more effective at telling their unique stories through marketing and branding. I am currently based in Laramie, Wyoming but work with clients nationwide.

In my free time, I enjoy camping, exploring new coffee shops, and traveling with my husband.



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